Mastery Learning – post of Jon Bergmann

Jon Bergmann is a pioneer in Flipped Learning and cooperated with us in the frame of this project. His new book cares about “Mastery Learning” and focuses on flipped learning and the Flipped Learning 3.0 Framework. He summarizes some facts in an article, published on the ascd webpage.


The new book of Jon: Mastery Learning! Read a brief introduction to this article!

The article shows the changes in the teaching done by Jon during the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Most of these approaches can be continued or perfected and implemented not only in school education but also in adult education.

In this book, Jon describes his current system,” mastery learning“. Mastery learning is a cyclical approach that empowers learners to learn at a flexible pace fitting to the abilities of the learner. It offers comprehensive corrective support when learners get off track and verifies achieved mastery of a specific skill or even competence before moving on to the next mastery cycle. Jo reports that in his science classes (Jon teaches chemistry and physics), he uses a system that blends mastery learning with flipped learning and allows learners to master content at a variable pace.

About Jon Bergmann: He is one of the pioneers of the flipped classroom movement and was involved in the development of the Flipped Learning 3.0 framework. He also was engaged to introduce active and flipped learning to schools, universities, organizations, and governments all over the world.
Bergmann currently teaches full-time science and assists with staff development at Houston Christian High School in Houston, Texas.

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