Teaching Event Málaga

The teaching event aims to homogenize the knowledge in the participating organisations. Two core activities will be implemented at the training. Knowledge transfer about active learning and the heutagogical approach to develop self-determined learners on transnational level between the participating organizations (lectures) The planning of an implementation of future courses based on Flipped Adult Education

Kickoff Meeting

At the Kickoff Meeting in Wiener Neustadt (November 16 and 17, 2019), organized and moderated by Peter Mazohl, people from all partners have taken part. The consortium of the FAdE-in project consists of four regular partners (European Initiative for Education EBI/EIE AT, EDRASE GR, Asociación Juvance ES, and Intermezzo Ungdom NOR) and the Flipped Learning Global

Importance of Adult Education

Adult education has been a fundamental part of further education and Life Long Learning for decades. It can be seen as a tool to remove illiteracy from society. It gives people a chance to increase their education after school has finished or besides their vocational education or professional development. In many European countries, Adult Education

Why do we use frameworks in education?

A framework is a particular set of rules, ideas, or beliefs which you use in order to deal with problems or to decide what to do[1].   Typical problems in education are: quality enhancement, needs and preconditions of learners, pedagogical concepts, structure of lessons (or courses) and other more. Teaching and learning frameworks are research-informed

What does “flipped” mean?

The flipped approach means active and self-directed learning, to “flip” the roles (Trainer ⇒ Facilitator, Learner ⇒ Self-determining adult) with self-responsibility for their learning (heutagogical approach). Heutagogy means self-determined learning. It is important that learners acquire both competencies and capabilities. Competency can be understood as proven ability in acquiring knowledge and skills (and attitudes), while