EDRASE (Greece)

EDRASE (Greece) is the project´s specialist in courses held on remote places addressing adults with geographical obstacles.

EDRASE is mainly active in the local communities, where their members live, like Halki island, Syros island and the municipality of Egaleo, Attica. On the other hand, EDRASE has been involved as a coordinator or partner in several KA1 and KA3 projects in the Adult Youth sector. All this experience has been gained in all kinds of local activities and European projects (Comenius & Grundtvig/LLP, Erasmus+) and will ensure the successful contribution of EDRASE in the Project.

EDRASE will contribute a lot to this consortium because:

  • Most of EDRASE’s trainers work also in schools and have already performed the “Flipped Classroom” method in their classes, gaining experience on the advantages and disadvantages of this teaching method.
  • They have a wide network of cooperation among our society and local communities, performing adult education activities.
  • They have great experience in training adults and adolescents and are using the most temporary methods like the combination of Blended learning that has incorporated the constructivist philosophy of education.

Relevant EDRASE’s projects and collaborations:

  1. For the 6th consecutive year, EDRASE participates in the development of a massive online course, which involves teachers of Secondary and Adult Education, from all the islands of the southern Aegean. This year, about 4000 educators will be trained, in “The use of ICT and web2 tools in the teaching practice”.
  2. LLP/Grundtvig Multilateral Project: “Blended Learning Quality – Concepts Optimized for Adult Education” (BLAdEdu) (539717-LLP-1-2013-1-IT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP).
    The aim of this project was to develop a quality system for Blended Learning.
  3. Grundtvig Learning Partnership “Active Citizenship for Seniors and Juniors Share via web radio” (2013-1-IT2-GRU06-51812 5).
    This project proposed to value the knowledge of senior citizens, especially, that of retired ones, so that the wealth of personal experience acquired will not be lost. It also aimed at improving their quality of life, while aging actively.
  4. Every summer EDRASE organises free ICT courses for Halki residents. These courses are held at the Cultural Center “Socrates Fanourakis”. High school graduates, students, teachers, unemployed persons , or any other residents of the island, who are interested in gaining knowledge, experience, skills and potentially an ECDL diploma can participate in this activity.
  5. “Learning Design in Practice”
    “LeaD inPractice” is a blended-learning project (combining distance with onsite training) that has been set up to address all the unprocessed, unspoken and unresolved issues and “hot potatoes” that, repeatedly, emerge during Erasmus+ exchanges and training courses and that are usually missed in Training of Trainers courses. It was organized by EDRASE.
  6. Cooperation between EDRASE and the Municipality of Egaleo, Attica, has been currently agreed, aiming at the coorganization of initially 3 events, for the year 2017, the following:“Me and My Fellow”:
    • Managing Emotional Intelligence.
    • “In vitro fertilization” Lecture. Speaker Haris Kazlaris (embryologist, cytogenetic).
    • ”Information and Communication Technologies – Practical Applications for Digital Illiterates”
  7. Eramus+/KA104. «Tools and Skills for Emotional Management» with code number «2018-1-EL01-KA104-047332».
    The main activity of the project “Tools and Skills for Emotional Management” is a training course, targeted to adult education staff. It will last 10 days and it will be carried out by Permacultura Cantabria, in Cantabria (Spain). It aims to bring, three adult trainers from 5 organisation (EDRASE, HYP, OIKOPOLIS, EPIONI, EDUCOMMART), who are interested in widening their Emotional Management perspective, and different experts on the topic into contact.
  8. Erasmus+/KA3 ‘’TWiNS – TOGETHER WORKING FOR INCLUSION AT SCHOOL’’, coordinator: Cooperativa Beniamino SCS ONLUS –Campo nell’Elba.