Kickoff Meeting in Wiener Neustadt (Austria)

The Kickoff Meeting took place in Wiener Neustadt from November 16, 2018 until November 17. All partners were presented at this meeting and had two working days in Wiener Neustadt. Jon Bergmann and Errol Smith (from FLGlobal) attended this meeting as special guests and introduced the current version of Flipped Learning 3.0 to the participants.

The agenda focused on the development of the project and had foreseen the moduls

  • Presentation of the partners
  • Core issues of the project and roles of the partners
  • The idea behind flipped learning – project content
    • Characteristics of various adult learners
    • The meaning of active learning
    • Shift of the trainer’s role
    • Use of technology
    • Flipped Learning standards – elements of flipped learning
  • Organizational issues (documents, meetings, teaching events)
    Steering Committee constitution
    Monitoring and evaluation
  • Final product ePub
    Presentation: What are interactive eBooks?
    Concepts and outlay for an eBook
    Structure and content of the developed ePub

The intensive working sessions have been monitored and guided by the coordinator Peter Mazohl (EBI/EIE, AT). Alexander Amundsen (Intermezzo, NOR), Jon Bergmann (FLGI, USA), Errol Smith (FLGI, USA), Jørgen Jenssen (Intermezzo, NOR), Juan Carlos Álvarez and Martín Oriol Brotat Mestre (both Asociación Juvance, ES), Stefanie Mayrwöger (EBI/EIE, AT), Kathrin Zehrfuchs (EBI/EIE, AT), Harald Makl (EBI/EIE, AT) and Michail Filioglou (EDRASE, GR).

Here is a short information about Wiener Neustadt, the home town of the EBI/EIE

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