IT Infrastructure in Flipped Learning

IT plays an extremely important role in Flipped Learning 3.0: Content and activities are using Multimedia; active learning is also deeply connected with the use of technology, and especially the individual space makes intensive use of ICT. Consequently, it can be deduced that digitization occupies an important place in Flipped Learning and therefore different areas, such as the tools used or the protection of privacy – to name just two topics – are important. The importance of IT infrastructure is really high!

Use devices to learn! This is related to the IT infrastructure

Learning with electronic devices is an issue in Flipped Learning and the used IT infrastructure is crucial.

This group of the “187 Global Elements for Effective Flipped Learning” addresses the necessary infrastructure and how to use it. This must be seen from two different points of view: the Trainer’s view and the learner’s view. While the trainer (or training organization) must make every possible effort, the learners should use their private equipment. This has the advantage that they are familiar with it and the trainer must not explain unknown tools.

For both stakeholders the sentence is valid: Keep it small and simple! This means that technology is not an end in itself, but it supports the teacher in his work and the learners in their learning.

Remark: Recently, the problem of multiple devices has developed. Multiple devices mean the entirety of all possible devices that can be used for learning (Desktop PC, Laptop, Notebook, Chromebook, Convertible, Tablet, and finally Smartphones). The InterMedia Erasmus+ Project[i] cares about this issue and offers a guide to use properly the various devices in the different learning environments (InterMedia Erasmus+ Project 2020-1-AT01-KA204-078005).

In the new book Flipped Adult Education you will find a detailed description of the elements of this group. You may download the PDF from this page or order the printed book from Amazon.


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