Closing meeting of the project in Athens (GR)

The final meeting of the project (project closing meeting) took place in Athens (Greece) End of August. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, it was not possible to hold the meeting in a closed room. Therefore, the project group decided on an “open place” – an option that could be found in Athens easily. The temperature was high and no rain – so the team used a bar in the park near the parliament. The meeting showed up that it is still possible to work completely analogous. During the preparation phase, all documents have been exchanged and everything prepared. During the meeting, printed material was used – no projection was necessary (even if we used laptops and tablets to make notes or to check data).

The main objective of the meeting was the correct project closing, with all the paperwork. Nevertheless, one important item addressed in a personal level: This was the “Lessons Learned” analysis. It turned out that all participating members had the same feeling and similar insights into the project. The most interesting feedback was that the project stands and falls with the start of the project. Here it is particularly significant for the participants to recognize and understand the “future mission” of the project. In many projects technical things are explained, the formalities for mobilities, and much more. What is not awakened, however, is the understanding of the project itself, the intention, and the expected contributions of the partners as well as the project result. If this feeling is missing, the partners find it difficult to develop an optimal working atmosphere together – because they simply do not know exactly “where the journey together is going”.

Athens Meeting 01

Working on an open place (due to COVID-19 restrictions)

Working on an open place (due to COVID-19 restrictions)

Further material is available from the webpage (Meeting Athens).

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