Video in Flipped learning – Let’s use videos to reinvent education

When Jon Bergman first started developing the Flipped Learning framework back in 2010, one of the first things he did was to create video podcasts that teach specific objectives. Students watch them (at home) and get assignments, conduct experiments, and interact with the class learning platform.

A screenshot of Jon Bergman from one of his

A screenshot of Jon Bergman from one of his educative videos about Flipped Learning

Videos are a cornerstone in the Flipped Learning approach that also works well in adult education!

Today, 11 years later, short learning videos are still at the core of the individual space learning activities in Flipped Learning. Jon Bergman found out after a lot of experimentation that videos must be short, organizational issues must be reconsidered and a certain workflow for the development of material must be kept.

In the following video, Salman Khan, the founder of Khan Academy explains how he started creating videos and a learning platform that allows teachers more easily to flip the classroom. He talks about the benefits of using video as pre-class preparation:

“You have this situation where, now they can pause and repeat, without feeling like they are wasting my time. Now they can review something that they should have learned a couple of weeks ago or maybe a couple of years ago, they don’t have to be embarrassed and ask me, they can just watch those videos. If they are bored they can go ahead, they can watch it at their own time at their own pace. And probably the least appreciated aspect of this is the notion that the very first time that you are trying to get your brain around a new concept, the very last thing you need is another person standing over them and saying “do you get this?”.

Now sit back and enjoy this exciting TED-talk!

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