Staff Training Syros (GR)

The training took place in Syros from July 10th until July 14th. All partners were represented with trainers of their organisation, well-fitting to the COVID-19 restrictions: Either tested or vaccinated.

The training was organized using the Flipped Learning 3.0 Framework with a pre-class course, focusing on basics using the “Lower Bloom’s” and the face-to-face training in the rooms of the Ermanopolis’ municipality implemented as an active training event.

Saturday, July 10th Sunday, July 11th Monday, July 12th Tuesday, July 13th Wednesday, July 14th
Bloom’s Taxonomy in FL 3.0 Open Symposium Day Hands-On “Backward Design” I Discussion: Future FL courses – obstacles and opportunities Practical implementation of learning activities in FL courses
Individual Learning Space: Introduction Active Adult Learner: Motivation & Interest Hands-On “Backward Design” II Group work (2 groups): Development of a FL course outlay I Blended Learning as a delivery method
Group Learning Space: Introduction Mastering Individual space Concrete list of skills Development of a FL course outlay II Requirements for a Learning Platform
Technology in FL 3.0 Mastering Individual Space II Group work (2 groups): Hands-on DC Concrete list of skills Development of a FL course outlay III Final Assessment
Planning FL “Backward Design” Mastering Group Space I Group work (2 groups): Multimedia, interactivity & multiple devices Presentation – experience exchange Fifth day reflection
First day reflection Mastering Group Space II Second day reflection Fourth day reflection

All partners passed the training (based on the formative evaluation during the training and a short summative verbal assessment at the end) with excellence.

The team building – after some troubles in the beginning of the project (due to the exchange of key people) – has become accelerated due to the COVID-19 crises. The high level of cooperation and the friendly and respectful work of the last year had finally led to a strong, well-connected and excellent working team. The developed friendship among the partners is a sign of a powerful partnership.

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